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Boost efficiency through a composable banking system

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We are pleased to announce our partnership with Mambu, an innovative SaaS cloud banking platform. Read below to understand why we are so excited about it.

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Lena Schön

Together with Mambu we will refine support to financial clients, maximize consumer-focused experience and optimize financial consumers' journeys to a modern and composable core banking system.

Working with Mambu allows us to offer the best banking solution for our partners due to their future-proofen software, agile platform and scalable support. Thanks to their experience in API-driven banking alternatives and cloud-native solutions which are built for change and the future, Mambu offers the perfect solution for our consumers to stay competitive. Furthermore, financial institutions are enabled to improve their digital channels to provide end-users customized digital banking features. Of course, we will assist with the integration of Mambus composable banking solution within our customers banking ecosystem to boost efficiency and maximize results. To see a practical example of how ideas can be developed into products within two days, we recommend you read our article 'From Idea to Product in 2 Days'.

Based in Berlin, Germany, Mambu’s mission started with delivering top-notch banking experience to everybody. Today, Mambu is industry leader in cloud-banking and service clients worldwide such as fintech start-ups and well known, innovative banks like N26.

Mambu is focused on modern and composable core banking systems to offer flexibility, cost-effectiveness and improve banking experience by providing deep insights into best practice and developing efficient teams. The SaaS cloud technology not only enables unique speed to market but also ensures operational independency on a long term. Our partnership with Mambu allows us to work smarter by keeping the highest standards in banking security.

Together with Mambu, we want to shape the future of the financial sector and continue to connect ideas and deliver impact. If you are interested in partnering with us and leveling up your banking experience, please feel free to contact us by using the contact form below. To further understand how cloud infrastructure can revolutionize banking solutions and enhance operational efficiency, explore our Cloud Infrastructure services.