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Agile Transformation

Discover the Power of Agile Principles and Unleash the Full Potential of Your Organization

Many companies struggle to respond to today's rapid market changes quickly enough. Traditional structures and many layers of management lead to bureaucracy. Hesitancy slows down the entire organization and dangerously hinders tech-innovation and feature delivery.

However, in today's world, it is essential to be adaptable and fast – significantly faster than competitors. Market disruption repeatedly shows the clear winners: Agile companies have increased output, fewer inefficiencies, and higher team engagement. So, how can you transform?

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Agile Transformation Needs to Be Agile: Our Tailored Transformation Approaches for Sustainable Change

Transitioning to an agile operating model can be challenging, especially for well-established companies. There are numerous paths to agility, but not every approach works for every company.

With SQUER's proven 6-stage Agile Transformation Approach, we accompany you from the first step to a mature and unique setting with high-performing teams. We will enable you to build products rather than run projects.



Understand who you are and find the right path to become who you want to be

We understand that moving towards an agile operating model can be challenging, and that's why we've developed a comprehensive framework that covers all the crucial aspects of the transformation by making your specific situation the guideline of the journey. With this approach, we help our clients navigate the complexities of agile transformation and achieve long-term acceptance and success.

  • Tailored Approach
  • Respecting Your Reality
  • Step-by-step over big bang

Agility maturity Assessment

Analyze your status quo and gain new perspectives with leveraging our experience

By using a combination of qualitative and quantitative metrics we analyze, together with your teams, the key success factors that drive them forward. We help the team to identify actionable improvements to take their agility to the next level and exceed their goals. Don't settle for the status quo – let us help you unleash your full potential and achieve lasting agility.

  • Agile fluency
  • Improvements
  • Grow as a team



Real agility happens at the team level, with strong leadership support

Agile teams, which can autonomously deliver business value to the customer, lay the foundation for a successful agile transformation. We help compose and shape teams in a way that they can adopt agility and successfully work together while creating as few dependencies as possible between them. We help the teams to find practices and methods that are the best fit for them.

  • Team Autonomy
  • Fast value flow
  • Cross-team exchange

agile transformation coaching

Optimize the flow of value: Elevate agility from the team level to the organizational level

Unlock the full potential of your organization with Agile transformation at scale. Our expert coaches will guide you on your journey from individual teams to cross-functional collaboration across your entire organization. Elevate your Agile transformation to the next level and realize your organization's full potential by joining forces with all players along the value chain, working towards the same goals.

  • Vision, Goals, Budget
  • Value Stream setup
  • Custom operating model

LEAn product development consulting

Take your existing or new product on the agile development journey

In the initial stages of product development, it can be challenging to define the right vision and MVP. Even longer-running projects can sometimes become stagnant and benefit from our extensive experience in supporting product management and development teams. We provide customized guidance to help you break free from your current path and quickly achieve success through agility.

  • Vision-Kickoff & Workshop
  • User Experience Research
  • Initial Product Backlog




Never stop improving: even mature agile settings can and must evolve

Many companies have already adopted agile principles and have progressed towards an agile organization. We saw many agile setups and know that there is always a way to improve. We will bring a view from outside your organization, identify blind spots, and help you overcome them to further enhance your working mode and agile setting.

  • Identify blind spots
  • Improve agile maturity
  • Boost efficiency

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SQUER’s Six Steps To Agile Transformation

A flexible approach to ensure a sustainable transformation


Setting the frame for your transformation

Getting an overview about the status quo and answering the question: What are we optimizing for in the first place?


Finding the right starting point

Identify Value Stream or Customer Journey as transformation starting point. Get early adopters on board.


Choose end-to-end modernization use-case

Creating goals to measure the outcomes of the transformation. Getting buy in the defined value stream.


Build a structure on organisational level and operationalize

Elaborate an organizational structure and alignment channels within the newly formed organization.


Derive operating model, and scale approach within organization

Formulate Roles, Structures, Artifacts, alignment channels, tools, and practices within a Value Stream


Optimize - continuously tweak approach

Monitor and optimize. Work on dependency management, team autonomy and cognitive load.

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