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Women in Tech – Interview with Lisa Kirchhofer

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With their holistic approach, women are crucial for the future of software engineering. Let's amplify their visibility and motivate more female talents to pursue a career in this field. Be part of the change and make a difference!

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Christoph Havlicek

Lisa is one of our talented senior software engineers at SQUER. She started her career with a degree in MSc Software Engineering and has gained over six years of work experience at Evolit Consulting, Flughafen Wien, and SQUER. Lisa is a software enthusiast and our first female expert in this interview series. We are very happy that she wanted to take part in this attempt to strengthen the visibility of women in tech.

Hi Lisa, what sparked your interest in software engineering? Can you describe the moment you realized this was a field you’d like to pursue?

I got into software engineering by accident. As a child, I always wanted to become a teacher of mathematics and English. During my youth, this wish changed into “doing something with mathematics and English” without being a teacher. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of any other job that revolved around those two topics. I shared my troubles with a friend of mine who asked me, “If you like mathematics, English, and computers why aren’t you studying computer science?” After this conversation and without knowing too much about software engineering, I registered at university and therefore started my career very unconventionally. My decision totally paid off because, after a few years of working, I still love everything about my job. While it covers mathematics and English, it is also challenging, interesting, varied, and a lot of fun.

Lisa Kirchenhofer, Senior Software Engineer, SQUER Solutions
Lisa Kirchenhofer, Senior Software Engineer, SQUER Solutions

Why do you love your job? What drives and motivates you?

There are many reasons why I love my job but let me address a few of them. Firstly, I love how varied my everyday life is. From developing features to setting up infrastructure, from supporting other team members to figuring out requirements with customers, and from continuing education to building and troubleshooting fully-fledged solutions everything and even more is included. Secondly, my job never gets boring as programming feels like solving riddles for me. There are always some interesting challenges on the way to success. And finally, I also love working in a team and with other teams. There are always options to support others or to learn from others. In my opinion, a team is also a good and safe place for personal growth.

What advice would you give to women who would like to start a career in tech?

In a perfect world gender should neither be an advantage nor a disadvantage. Therefore, I also think that all people should do whatever they love and whatever makes them happy – completely regardless of gender. Happy people will always be good at whatever they are doing and will also pass their happiness on to another.

Thank you for your time and taking part in our little interview series, Lisa!

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