Team #squer

Julian Tandler

Agile Professional with Leadership Experience - Always committed to finding optimal solutions in an unpredictable world.


Julian initially began his professional journey in test management, but his career path swiftly led him to work as a business analyst across multiple projects in the banking and insurance sector. As he assumed greater responsibilities for products and services, he uncovered his true passion for Lean & Agile Thinking. Presently, Julian utilizes his expertise in various leadership roles at SQUER, effectively applying his knowledge to drive success.

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As a child of the mountains, my deep connection to these landscapes has shaped my entire life. Born and raised in the southernmost city of Germany, and studying Information Systems in Innsbruck, I have always been surrounded by the awe-inspiring presence of mountains. For me, hiking represents a profound sense of freedom and tranquility. The photograph captures a special moment on the fringes of the Alps, although it was taken in a place quite distant from home: The New Zealand Alps.