Team #squer

Natalia Janacova

Natalia is a dedicated HR professional with a "people-first mentality" who is passionate about developing organizations and teams. Her experience in both strategic and operational HR management, as well as working with international teams, has made her a true HR generalist.


Originally from Slovakia, Natalia moved to to Vienna to pursue her studies in Psychology, igniting her curiosity for understanding human behavior and motivation. Driven by a desire for personal and professional growth, Natalia transitioned into the field of HR Management, earning her master's degree in the subject. Her unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in her deep knowledge of labor law, social security law, and income tax, which form the framework for her work. Natalia's true calling lies in unlocking the potential of individuals and teams. With a genuine passion for HR Management, she thrives on creating strategies that foster employee growth, engagement, and well-being. Her keen understanding of people dynamics, combined with her up-to-date knowledge of labor law, enables her to provide comprehensive HR solutions tailored to the unique needs of our organization.

The cover image

Natalia chose a cover photo of Easter Island as a reminder of her dream come true vacation, an experience that felt surreal and enchanting. This captivating destination held a special place in her heart, representing the culmination of her long-held aspirations.