Sophie Halfmann

With a master's degree in communication design and several years in the advertising industry, Sophie is passionate about creating inspiring content that engages audiences and communicates ideas effectively. Today, her heart beats for B2B marketing, inspiring texts, well-thought-out presentations, and complex infographics.


Sophie grew up in Northern Germany and honed her skills as a copywriter and PR consultant at Scholz & Friends in Berlin, one of Germany's leading communication agencies. After several years in advertising, she moved to Vienna in 2012 and found her passion for B2B marketing at TIPCO, an Austrian FinTech company for treasury finance software. In 2022, after 7 years in the FinTech industry, she decided to make a change and started working at SQUER, which brought her even closer to software development in terms of content. Sophie loves the challenge of simplifying complex concepts and presenting them in a clear, concise manner – both through well-crafted copy and visually engaging designs.

The cover image

Since I moved away from Northern Germany, I've been missing the sea. Although the Danube isn't quite the same, having a river nearby is better than nothing. And for me, there is no better way to start the workday than with a bike ride in the early morning on the Danube Island.