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Uwe Kirchengast

Uwe Kirchengast, Product Owner, Agile Professional, and Solution Architect at SQUER Solutions, has extensive experience in large-scale systems engineering and leading cross-functional teams in banking. He offers invaluable insights into designing and running products, architectures, and organizational structures.


Uwe Kirchengast is Product Owner, Agile Professional und Solution Architect at SQUER Solutions. Having multiple years of experience in large scale systems engineering and leading multiple cross-functional software engineering teams within the banking sector, Uwe can provide invaluable insight into do's and don'ts of designing and running products, architectures and organisational structures.

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There is nothing more fascinating for me than to go above and beyond perceived limits and to go boldly, where no man has gone before. Following advances in astronomy and space exploration for me are a means to stay humble and remind myself what really matters in life.