Raiffeisen Bank

Establishing a Microservice and Micro Frontend Architecture

Raiffeisen Bank International is Austria’s leading commercial and investment bank as well as Austria’s second-largest bank with a balance sheet total of EUR 155.6 billion.


Raiffeisen Bank International wants to become more customer-oriented

To establish a user-oriented design, Raiffeisen Bank International needed a portal that allows the customer to quickly complete KYC processes, and unbureaucratically apply for loans, while giving an overview of relevant correspondences within the document archive.

Sustainable Delivery
Realizing Agile
Elisabeth Geyer-Schall
Head of Delivery, Raiffeisen Bank International
Raiffeisen Bank
SQUER is a transparent and sustainable partner who critically questions the decisions made to get to the best possible outcome.

Our Approach

After a convincing proof-of-concept, we continued our cooperation with Raiffeisen Bank International by implementing a micro-service architecture. At the same time, we successfully supported the Micro Frontends implementation of customer-facing Web Frontends using Angular until it was ready for the market.


We supported Raiffeisen Bank International from the concept-sketching process to the production process. Through our assistance, measurable customer satisfaction could be achieved by providing innovative operating concepts and pursuing a strong customer focus.

Project Lead

Lukasz Juszczyk

Passionate software developer with over 15 years of experience. Lukasz has worked on numerous projects as an architect, developer and researcher and feels most comfortable when being close to technology.