Rewe International

Connecting 2.570 Grocery and Drugstores in Real-Time

REWE International AG is known as being one of Europe's leading grocery trading- and tourism companies. It is Austria's number one local grocery and drugstore supplier reaching the lives of 1,9 million Austrian customers every single day in more than 2.570 stores. In order to integrate the data of their shops in real-time, we supported REWE International AG by setting up their streaming solution using Apache Kafka.


Every store has data that wants to get connected.

A ton of events are happening every hour in each REWE International AG store. Event data contains valuable insights. Making this data available in an easily accessible, real-time fashion, opens up new dimensions with respect to data analytics and integration.

System Design
Product delivery
Agile Transformation
Sebastian Pleschko
Head of Digital
Rewe International
“SQUER does not only bring the technical but also the organizational knowledge to help us transform into a Product Organization. It is the combination of expertise and mindset SQUER brings, that makes our collaboration a success.”

Our Contribution

In order to reach the goal of analyzing event data and deriving valuable insights from said data, we helped REWE International AG build an event streaming solution using Apache Kafka. By building this solution, we put a strong focus on automation with respect to the infrastructure as well as concerning the creation of certain event types (topics). Automation, especially regarding the infrastructure, allowed us to architect a system that is not just particularly responsive and resilient but also actually scalable.

Technical Highlights

To set up real-time data integration on this scale, the autoscaling of the underlying infrastructure as well as the solution itself was one of our biggest achievements. In addition to that, the automatic creation of topics helps the development team to be able to initiate the processing of new events in a very quick manner. We are proud that we got the chance to architect this part of the software ecosystem together with REWE International AG, from the sketching process to the production.

Project Lead

Manuel Klein

Manuel is co-founder at SQUER. His professional career started as software engineer in the financial industries / insurance sector. After a few years as developer, architect, scrum master and most recently as tribe lead, software development feels like home for him and he passionately develops set ups from the technological as well as organizational view.